Go grab it here. The VB side of things hasn't been as extensively tested as the C# side so if you find issues you know where to find me. Huge thanks to Boudewijn van der Zwan from Unisys Netherlands for his continued great work on this.

In other updates: (1) I'll be at IT Forum in Copenhagen late in the week doing a couple of IT Pro focused sessions, and then onto the UK for a day of analyst discussions. (2) A week or so ago I put on my second hat and did a quick BizTalk and Host Integration Server road-tour working with reviewers and analysts.  I noticed a nice article on Host Integration Server appeared today. (3) I'm wondering if its time for some more web-casts is there content people would like to share or is there topics that you need some more clarity on? Happy to oblige if I get enough votes.

Finally, we have some whitepapers we would like to get written. If you are experienced on BizTalk Server, wrote chapters for Shakespeare in the past, and want to earn a few $ on the side then drop me a line.