Just as well there are New Year's resolutions because it has been almost a full month on my blog!  I guess I better make up for it in terms of the content of this post.  If you read the first item below you'll know why I've been busy...

BizTalk Server Roadmap: As part of our broader goal to provide more predictability to customers this document describes the roadmap for BizTalk Server including some high level goals and timeframes for the next two releases.  It will be posted to microsoft.com very shortly. This is a living roadmap and will be updated when appropriate (like when the next release goes into beta it will have additional details).

SP1 Update: SP1 is looking really good, however we have some external dependencies (which is Microsoft speak for fixes coming from other teams) that need some work before we are done here. Specifically we are having some problems with early private drops of the Windows 2000 "Rollup Package" and the MSI 3.0 installer.  Those are being worked through and we expect SP1 will be delivered in the last week of January. If anything changes I'll update you.  SP1 is pure goodness from a BizTalk Server perspective and I know folks are anxious to get it.

WSE Adapter: We are considering the release vehicle for the WSE adapter (more details when they are finalized).  Some customers have asked for some samples.  As you probably know MTOM is the future of "attachments" but WSE 2.0 supports DIME so if you need it today here is a sample that illustrates DIME usage.  Also here is an X509 sample.

BizTalk Server Adapter Wizard 1.1: Thanks to all those folks who told me that the adapter framework wizard download was broken.  Boudewijn van der Zwan from Unisys completed the 1.1 version of the adapter wizard with full VB.NET support so we uploaded it to gotdotnet.  The new link is here.

Exam update work (ie. building the exam) is progressing well. This should be available around the March timeframe to partners (tentatively).

Cross Reference Functoid documentation is better in the latest help file but at least 3 people pinged me in email for a sample. So here you go.

Thanks for all the feedback you've given me on the BizTalk book which finally shipped.  Feel free to continue to send me corrections as you find them. Appendix C is still MIA I'm hunting down the author and I'll give you an update on timeframe.

Happy Holidays,Scott.