3 years of development, lots of feedback from our TAP partners and internal groups such as Office "12" that builds on this technology - and beta 1 is ready for you to use!  Yes we are adding Windows Workflow Foundation to WinFX.  In so doing, we are redefining workflow as a general developer technology through the namespace System.Workflow.  Yes you can completely write a workflow in code, or use designers in visual studio.net and you can use your favourite language.

Some of my favourite features are:

1. Full code fidelity between the graphical view and the code view. Change the code and the graphical view changes straight away.

2. State Machine workflow model

3. End-user modifiable workflow down to the running instance level (CodeDOM/Model is retained at runtime)

4. Debugging inside Visual Studio .NET all the way into code

and the list goes on.

The beta 1 bits, 12 Labs, 2 Whitepapers, a FREE Beta Book for PDC attendees (until they run out  go to the book store and pick up the book, or get the voucher from the lounge with have 3000 of them for you).

MSDN has a bunch of collateral here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/building/workflow/default.aspx, the new Windows Workflow Foundation community site has more here: http://www.windowsworkflow.net/.  Check out Paul Andrew's blog (Paul is on my team) for more here: http://blogs.msdn.com/pandrew.

Future versions of BizTalk Server, MBS Applications and Office "12" will use this technology.  As of today workflow is a new player in the middle tier for application development.  Every application includes some workflow and with Windows Workflow Foundation you can capture that workflow in a model.

Feel free to add your comments and I'll get to them later tonight. This is super exciting news for all you developers out there!