New Beginnings - from mainframes to mash-ups

New Beginnings - from mainframes to mash-ups

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I have the best job in Microsoft NZ! ScottWylie_small

I lead the Developer and Platform group which is tasked with exciting communities and customers about Microsoft's new and emerging technologies. I've been around MS for some time and have spent years working with customers and partners from the early days of NT, VB 3.0, COM and MS as a "desktop" company through to Web Services, .NET and beyond. In 2008 the company is a vastly different entity, with an incredibly broad range of solutions for the consumer right through to the data centre.

I started my career on IBM mainframes (an assembler programmer) and have developed on just about every Unix platform known to man, until I discovered the true path back in about 1993 :) The thing that still excites me is simplicity, being able to accomplish a lot for very little. As technologists, I don't believe we've done our job until anyone can use the software products we create intuitively and with a sense of emotional connection.

It's been a wild ride - and it's only just beginning.

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