The Children are our Future...

The Children are our Future...

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image Since moving to the DPE team I've been amazed at the sheer number of activities going on within our communities, none more so than the academic community. With events like Dev Jam happening around Uni orientation and the Imagine Cup getting under way for 2008 there are plenty of opportunities for the IT people of the future to get their hands on Microsoft technology - and maybe even win prizes and world travel!

Statistics and anecdotal evidence tells us that young people aren't as attracted to careers in technology as they were in the past, at a time when there is a global shortage of skills which in turn hampers business growth and innovation. As industry leaders we need to change the perception of tech careers as nerdy or geek-ish, an IT career is a passport to challenging and interesting work, financial security and a passport to work globally that few other professions can match.

I know the great work of the academic team is focused on this outcome.

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