Loud people in small places

Loud people in small places

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Just returned from a few days in Sydney and was thinking about a news report from last week about a trial of mobile phone usage on planes (Lufthansa or Qantas I think). The aircraft cabin is one of the last bastions of "incommunicado" and I think we should protect that.

You know how annoying and thoughtless people can be with mobile usage in movie theatres, on public transport, in shops - imagine it in the intensified atmosphere of a plane with a lot of people in a very confined space. Sartre said "Hell is other people" and someone talking loudly to their stockbroker, cooing to their loved one or saying something like "actually I'm in a plane over El Salvador right now" would I think put me onside with JP.


Best quote I've seen on the topic "I have absolutely no problem with cell phones on airplanes, so long as they have to step outside to use them!"

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