Thin is in

Thin is in

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Thin is in.

Seen a couple of these babies over the last couple of weeks. No it's not a Mac Air - it's a Toshiba R500 and it's smaller and lighter while sporting all the things you expect in a notebook (optical drive etc.)! Nice to see other hardware manufacturers putting some effort into the computer as desirable object - something Apple has done so well.

I've never understood why no one has produced a high-end design driven Intel/Windows notebook, the Mac experience would show us that people will happily pay a (hefty) premium for integrated hardware and the "cool factor".  Sony had a go with the Vaio but there's still room for improvement.

A cool design, some clever product placement, maybe make it green or purple - could change the world...

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  • I spend a lot of time in aeroplanes and airports these days so size and weight were critical factors

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