Not sure if you've seen our announcements a month or so again around Mesh. Mesh is our new platform for connecting people and devices across the web in a really seamless fashion.

Think of Mesh as a development platform for enabling synchronisation of any kind of data, application or information across the web - and the first implementation of the platform as what's visible today. So what can you do with Mesh?

  • Easy sharing of your data across all your devices. After creating your Mesh (and registering some devices) Just right click a folder and select "Add folder to Live Mesh" - that's it!
  • The selected folders will then be available on all your devices. No more copying to USB keys, cloud file servers or emails to self :)
  • If you can't get to a device in your mesh don't worry, there's a very cool live desktop which is available in the cloud anytime, anywhere - containing your data, files and folders.

In the past I've used multiple technologies to sync my docs and data between home, work and wherever - now I just use Mesh and I don't have to think about where my data is when I have to finish that presentation at home or the airport. My docs follow me around.

It's currently in Tech Preview but is proving a very smooth experience. It will be extended to smart phones, Mac and other devices in the near future.

Try it.