Woo Hoo - New Machine

Woo Hoo - New Machine

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I spend a lot of time in aeroplanes and airports these days so size and weight were critical factors in choosing a new machine - as well as good performance. The proliferation of ultra portable laptops makes this a very interesting choice. The Toshiba R500 has caught my eye before so it came down to a choice between that and the HP2710, which is a nice small tablet machine.


The R500 was lighter and probably a little sexier but in the end I plumped for the HP mainly for the more robust feel (overhead lockers etc.) and the fact that it offers 4GB of memory.

I've been really enjoying the new baby and it has even reawakened an interest in alternative interfaces through the tablet capability (I had a tablet a few years ago and to honest I didn't really explore it too much). The handwriting recognition in Vista is really impressive!

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