An Evening with Industry

An Evening with Industry

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I've been invited to speak at a New Zealand Computer Society event on Thursday. They've invited all graduating students from the Wellington region to come along and learn what a career in technology might hold. There will be speakers from a number or organisations presenting. Great initiative - with declining numbers of tech graduates at the exact time we need them most:

Tech Grads

It's hard to think of any other industry that has the ability drive the NZ economy forward  over the next ten or twenty years. What will be our post-primary production success story? Almost certainly it will come from the technology sector, it has to - our ability to photosynthesize better than most won't deliver the results we need to raise living standards in the 21st century.

So who will drive this revolution? Lawyers, accountants, marketing folks, with all due respect, probably aren't going to create the next Microsoft, the next Nokia or TradeMe.

So we have to demonstrate the benefits of a technology career to the students who've graduated but more importantly we need to connect with kids in schools - and their parents, before they make life forming decisions around subject choices.

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