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From the Horse's Mouth

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The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is coming soon. We pretty much only run PDC when we have some big things to talk about...real big things. People talk about the ".NET" PDC and the "Longhorn" PDC and this year will be no different.

I think it will go down as the "software + services" PDC where Microsoft joined the dots on the various strands of our strategy.

Hear about the event from Mike Swanson who owns the content streams for the whole shebang right here. Get details on the Windows 7 sessions and much more at Channel9. might think the giant has been sleeping over the last couple of years but in fact we've been ultra busy building the future. I'd encourage to you attend the event if you can, bug someone who went or view the post conference materials - by whatever means don't miss out.

From my post a couple of months ago...

Microsoft offers choice across the platform while our competitors are about locking customers in. Choice in device type, choice in hardware manufacturer, choice in hosted or on-premise deployment or combination, choice to work direct or through one has the breadth of offerings we do from the device to the data centre, consumer to enterprise.

All with a uniform programing model and a consistent partnering and commercial model.

There is a feeling in the industry that Microsoft has lost ground against our competitors and there was some acknowledgment that we've been taking a few punches recently without coming out and fighting back.

That's about to change.

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