Blog Bling

Man - I'm starting to get excited. The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) starts on Monday in LA and Mike Zeff and I are attending to host NZ press and partners.

The announcements that will be made next week have been guarded pretty closely, even internally, but over the last few weeks I've been lucky enough to take a look behind the scenes and see some of the detail.

My view, our software + services strategy will become "real" for many people - and they'll be blown away! I also think many we'll start to see a growing realisation of the distinction between the SaaS and S+S models.Blog Bling Brain

I'm thinking up a cool graphic to illustrate the model (unless Ray Ozzie can help me out :)).

I've worked at Microsoft for more than 12 years - through NT, client/server, n-tier, COM, MTS, the browser wars, .NET, Web Services, Longhorn...but I think next week is going to be the start something very special.