Parting Thoughts - PDC #5

Parting Thoughts - PDC #5

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CIMG2604 by ralfguggingerThe final PDC session has just finished and the event comes to an end.

There's thousands of people heading to the airport - hopefully with their heads full of ideas and schemes that they will take back to their countries and organisations, where they will be the proponents of the PDC message in their communities and workplaces.

There's been an unprecedented avalanche of new technologies, previews, products, frameworks, services etc. foist upon the attendees this year.

So much in fact that some have been claiming it's all too much of a good thing. All I can say is "harden up"! The pace of our industry is relentless so we have to be incredibly adaptive - in the words of the Eagles it's "Everything, all the time"!

An interesting perspective from Dion Almaer of Google on his experience at PDC which reinforces the idea that PDC is an industry event that generates a lot of cross pollination of ideas and experiences across the industry.

For me personally I feel this week has been about us reclaiming our heritage, it Blog Blingfeels vital again like it did in the days of the enterprise server push, web services and .NET - a feeling that something is at stake, a constant pushing of the boundaries with innovative products and services that move the industry forward - sometimes when we as IT folks don't even realise we need to move forward.

The excitement and passion of developers writing code for the Microsoft platform has been the single biggest factor in the success of Microsoft. For the company's continued success we must constantly earn that developer commitment and dedication.

I hope this PDC has illustrated our renewed commitment to our developer base.

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