Live Mesh - My Personal Killer App

Live Mesh - My Personal Killer App

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image To me Live Mesh is one of those solutions that fulfills my personal killer app criteria:

  1. I didn't know I needed it before I had it
  2. It works beautifully and has changed the way I work/live
  3. Now I have it I can't do without it

Moving my life to the cloud was never an option, I don't want to do email, calendaring, file sharing etc. via a browser - I want the cloud integrated into the tools I already use (and in some cases know and love). Mesh allows me to do this - mostly.

In the tech preview available now I can synchronise files between all my devices (phone, work machines, home machines and live desktop) which makes things like managing my documents and photos really, really simple. My files are "just there" no matter which machine I'm using. So far so good.

The great promise of Mesh is as a development platform that others will use so they can write useful apps (that I'll come to know and love) that take advantage of this enormous piece of infrastructure plumbing and allows the developer focus on the cool things I might want to do with my ubiquitous data.

See what Blockbuster is doing in the US, or the BBC with their iPlayer in the UK.

But the real kicker to come is mesh enabled applications, that's an app that you install into your mesh and it becomes available on all devices (well, all relevant devices - no point running that photo editing software on your 200x320 phone for instance).

This will truly be a seamless experience that brings together the best of the web, software and devices - hold on, that sounds suspiciously like the Microsoft Software + Services vision :)

For more info check out the Mesh blog or the new MeshPack blog. As John Burkhardt of MS Startup Labs says:

We’re still learning what we can build with the Live Framework. Our early experiments are very promising. Mesh makes it easy to build applications that are integrated with the connectivity of the Internet but that can break out of the browser to take advantage of native device capabilities. We’ve had a lot of fun so far, but we can’t wait to dig deeper and create compelling products and experiences that Live Mesh can enable. Stay tuned!

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