Did you know there is somewhere around 35,000 people who class themselves as software developers in New Zealand? Of course this includes developers, architects, designers, web devs etc. but still a large number of people making their livelihood as a software developer of some sort.

One of the biggest challenges we face in the Developer and Platform Group is how to connect with such a diverse audience across the country. We do this through broad means such as newsletters and websites etc, but we also travel around the country presenting technology sessions – Unplugged - as often as we can. We make a significant investment in reaching developers and IT Pros in this direct way but I firmly believe that the one-to-few presentation session is an effective way to communicate.

This week Mark Carroll and Mike Zeff are on the road in the South Island talking about PDC, Visual Studio, Azure, Office 14 and Windows 7 following up their pre-Christmas North Island tour.

Presentations from previous Unplugged sessions are always available and some have video so you can catch them again.

Another way we get to know our audience is by asking them for their input. We’re running a survey at the moment which is a little different:


Give it a try and make sure you take a look at some of the clever cartoons (not just those that relate to your answers).

As an incentive we’re giving away a copy of Halo Wars on XBOX360 each month to someone who fills in the quick survey (http://mydevworld.asia/) with their Windows Live ID. The survey only require 5-10 minutes of your time. The fisrt winner will be notified on the 23rd of Feb. Note – The prize draw is open only to NZ residents. Good Luck!