Your chance to tell us how we are doing

Your chance to tell us how we are doing

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Every year we collect your feedback as it provides valuable information to help us better deliver our services and products in New Zealand.

Starting this month and until April 15, you may be randomly chosen to share your experiences with Microsoft products and services via either an online or phone based survey. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to respond.

So, “What does Microsoft do with this information?  Do you change anything?”

Your responses will directly impact and influence our efforts in New Zealand. In other words, it really matters to us! Microsoft is a large company but for maximum effect please try to focus on the things that you feel the Developer and Platform team in New Zealand can directly influence and improve.

Amongst other things, feedback from previous surveys and the recent NZ developer focus groups has helped us to shape local initiatives such as community user groups and third party event sponsorship, Tech.Ed and the Unplugged events.

If you’re not randomly selected for the survey but you have suggestions or feedback in the meantime, please free to drop us a line or participate in our on-going mydevworld survey ( 


Scott Wylie, Nigel Parker, Dean Edwards, Paul Lo, Mark Carroll, Mike Zeff, Nathan Mercer, Ryan Tarak, Daryl Ooh, Robert Costello, Carol Ainger

The Microsoft New Zealand Developer and Platform Team

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