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Stay in the know

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Newsletters seem like an almost archaic means of communication in the age of social networking – even online newsletters.

But the truth is a newsletter is still the best way to connect to a whole lot of people and that’s why we’ve done a revamp of our NZ MSDN and TechNet Flash newsletters. We try to make sure the content is relevant to you and make it easier for you to find the content you need.

You’ve told us that it is a challenge to keep up with our technology so we have included a regular feature within the NZ Flashes which highlight interactive and free learning resources such as virtual labs, webcasts and e-learning material on existing and new technologies from Microsoft. Also, you will be able to learn about your local developer community and organisations to ensure you stay in the know about what’s new! 

The Plug:

  • Improved online newsletters featuring free up-skilling and training opportunities both online (virtual labs, webcasts, e-learning) and offline (Tech.Ed and Unplugged events).
  • New feature on the Microsoft developer, user group and MVP community via profiles and promotions.
  • And…the chance to win an HP TouchSmart PC if you subscribe to either newsletter by the 25th of June.

The Rub:

As part of our re-launch, subscribe to the NZ MSDN or TECHNET Flash newsletter before the 25 June 2009 and get the chance to win a HP TouchSmart PC. In addition, one lucky subscriber will win a subscription of their choice (MSDN, TechNet or Expression) every month until the end of June.

For Developers: So subscribe today and be into win! Terms & Conditions Apply.

For IT Professionals: So subscribe today and be into win! Terms & Conditions Apply.


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