2009 Imagine Cup Preliminary Round

2009 Imagine Cup Preliminary Round

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I’ve spent the last two days as part of the judging panel for the preliminary round of the NZ Imagine Cup competition.

The teams have come up with some great ideas that fit with the theme of “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today.”

It’s always a blast to see the developing talent we have in this country. It’s a real learning experience for the teams as they not only have to develop an idea and put the technology in place – but also be able to present their idea to the judging panel and very clearly articulate their value proposition. Not an easy task when faced with a panel of grizzled industry experts.

As one of the judges commented yesterday, many of the teams are far more self assured than we would have been at their age.

We’ve seen sixteen teams so far and move to the South Island tomorrow for the Christchurch leg. Look forward to seeing some southern innovation.

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