Scott Wylie Opens Keynote ...WW Juggling Competition

I have the great privilege of opening Tech.Ed again this year and I’m really keen to get some of your ideas and thoughts to use in my intro.

Comment below, Twitter @TheGasMan, or email me – here’s some starters:

  • What does Tech.Ed mean to you?
  • What’s it mean to your organisation?
  • What’s the best part?
  • How many have you been to?
  • What technology do you want to see more of?
  • What’s your most memorable Tech.Ed experience?
  • How far do you travel to Tech.Ed?
  • How many Tech.Ed bags do you own?
  • Do you remember the excellent support band from 2006?
  • What’s your ideal location for Tech.Ed?
  • Do developers rock more than IT Pros?
  • …whatever else comes to mind