One part of my team’s mission is to evangelise our Software + Services (S+S) strategy and our cloud offerings, with an emphasis on Windows Azure. As part of this I get to present many sessions that seek to explain our cloud strategy, It would be fair to say some of our customers and partners don’t have a full understanding of S+S so I’ve been trying to bring some simplicity and clarity to the conversation.

As part of this I’ve developed a one slide explanation of S+S and the Microsoft cloud offerings. Here’s the gist of it:

The Microsoft strategy is Software + Services, that is a combination of installed software plus cloud based services gives customers the most choice – run software where it makes most sense: on-premise, hosted and in the cloud.

1. Customers can run Microsoft products on premise, in their own server rooms, data centre’s, hosted by partners - on many devices: phone, PC, Server.

2. Customers can consume Microsoft productivity server products as services through a subscription model – it’s called Microsoft Online Services (or you may hear it referred to as Business Productivity Online Services or BPOS).

3. Customers can deploy their custom apps to the Windows Azure Platform and once again pay on a consumption basis only. No license, just a subscription.

Here’s how I illustrate it:

S S Triangle


Simple eh? I’ll follow up with some posts on some of the underlying details and business justification but for now feel free to share and use in your thinking around the cloud.