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  • Blog Post: Installing Non-Unicode language packs to Windows 7 via Configuration Manager 2012

    If you trying install Non-Unicode Language Pack on a Windows 7 machine you may have several problems. Even if you find a solution to x64/x86 application redirection probably you will see LPKSetup will require user interaction and that’s the thing exacly we don’t want, bothering users with 30 min or longer...
  • Blog Post: OSD advertised to wrong collection / İşletim sistemi yanlış collection a göndermiş iseniz

    How to / Nasıl yaparım:   Yapılacak en büyük hata Advertismenti silmektir!!! Advertismenti silmeyin, disble durumuna getirin, Boot Image ve Windows Imagını DP den kaldırın. Aşağıdaki link de neler yapmanız ve neler yapmamanız anlatıyor.
  • Blog Post: How to use User Device Affinity

    How to / Nasıl yaparım:   Prerequisites for User Device Affinity The following prerequisites are required for this module: ·          DHCP is configured and running ·          WDS is installed ·         ...
  • Blog Post: How to enable Offline Servicing for Operating System Images in Configuration Manager 2012

    How to / Nasıl yaparım:   In Configuration Manager 2012 there is a new feature for applying updates to operating system images while they are in the Configuration Manager library. This means any operating system image you see in the Operating Systems > Operating Systems Images node from the Software...
  • Blog Post: How to Import Windows Device Drivers

    How to / Nasıl yaparım:     Use the following procedure to import Windows device drivers into the driver catalog. Configuration Manager 2012 reads the provider, class, version, signature, supported hardware, and supported platform information associated with the device as part of the import...
  • Blog Post: How to Create Driver Packages

    How to / Nasıl yaparım:     Use the following procedure to create a new driver package. Device drivers must to be added to a driver package and distributed to distribution points before Configuration Manager 2012 clients can install them     Important : To create a device driver package...
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