July, 2007

  • The Security Development Lifecycle

    Iron Chef BlackHat: Fast food but fully baked?

    Eric Bidstrup here. This year at Blackhat in Las Vegas , there is an interesting title for a session that caught my eye: “ Iron Chef: Blackhat ”. The presenters will be running static and dynamic analysis tools on code to find vulnerabilities. While...
  • The Security Development Lifecycle

    Why the SDL Works

    James Whittaker here. One of the first things I did as a new Microsoft employee was tour the company and meet with, literally, dozens of groups that are implementing the SDL. Before joining Microsoft, I had heard many firms claim their passion and...
  • The Security Development Lifecycle

    Why the SDL Works: Counterpoint

    Eric Bidstrup here. As James wrote up the previous posting on “Why the SDL works”, it generated some interesting discussion. It was fascinating for me to see the perspective from James’ point of view as an experienced security professional that semi...
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