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    Entity versus an Object

    I have been writing examples with WinFS this week. Although you don't have to know about databases to use WinFS, databases are interesting. In the database world the term entity is pretty common, but it might be foreign to most OOP programmers. Will users...
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    Understanding WinFS by Exploring the WinFS Type System

    I co-authored an article on MSDN. Understanding WinFS by Exploring the WinFS Type System by Thomas Rizzo and Sean Grimaldi Microsoft Corporation
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    WinFS namespaces

    • 0 Comments y Wesner Moise's comments on WinFS namespaces. “WinFS creates a number of names spaces for each type of item it recognizes such as...
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    Why WinFS schema are not XSD schema , IMHO.

    After Dare set me straight with XML, I have been browsing his posts, where I came across this: . I was especially interested in this post because it involved WinFS...
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    What makes a database a database and not just a data store?

    I am sitting in the ridiculously nice Seattle weather sipping a local brew watching The Patriot , get this a decent movie starring Mel Gibson, and started thinking about databases and data stores in a gereral high level of abstraction that encompasses...
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