Now where was I? Oh yeah, that's right, deploying the final bits!

Today has been a great day. We began around 9:30am bringing online the migrated data and moving the migrated files into position. We also deployed the final web bits, updated our backend services, confirmed analytics was still in good shape and finally kicked off the search indexing.

After that we finalized site configuration settings, enabled our spam filters, turned on Windows Live ID, and did a light test pass across the site to ensure everything was in it's expected place. I use expected and not right because like in all software there are quirks and bugs. We'll fix 'em but at this point it's just as important to know where they are...

From there it was time to share the good news with the bloggers. They now have Saturday and Sunday to import their blog designs and complete any other work before we flip the sites over on Monday.

It's been quite a journey from when I joined this project (an eternity ago on December 16th 2009) and now our first real upgrade in 5 years is almost done. I'm super looking forward to moving on to monthly sprints and shipping incrementally the features our bloggers and you, our readers are already requesting.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on the flip side!