One of the questions I receive a lot from my customers is “How do I access SharePoint from a mobile device?”  I presented Mobile SharePoint: Driving More Productivity & Collaboration with Windows® phone at the SharePoint Conference back in October, 2009.  During this session, I covered several ways to access SharePoint with “out of the box” solutions, and with partners like Formotus.  I even talked about SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010.  I will go into more detail on the session and topics at a later date.  I do want to spend a few minutes on Formotus, as I feel they have a solution that many enterprises can leverage today.  After the description is a video clip from my session at the SharePoint Conference where I talked about Formotus and run through a demo.

Formotus offers a fast path to custom business applications on mobile phones. Formotus technology enables rapid delivery and lifecycle management of mobile forms that work across platforms, connecting people's phones with SharePoint and business system data.

Create - Deploy - Connect

Create cross-platform business forms quickly without writing code

Generate sophisticated business  apps for mobile workforce automation using Microsoft Office. Formotus integrates tightly  with InfoPath and SharePoint, so there’s no need for expensive coding or lengthy development time to build or modify custom  mobile applications.

Deploy forms from the cloud to both Android and Windows phones

Delivering and managing mobile software deployments couldn't be easier when using the secure Formotus Web site. Our hosted instant deployment method takes only a few clicks, requires no IT expertise, and works over-the-air with any wireless carrier or network. 

Connect mobile workers to SharePoint data without a browser

Bring greater flexibility to your business by connecting people on the move with the business information they need to stay productive in the field. Formotus applications are designed to be robust offline as well as online, so productivity does not depend on constant connectivity.

-Sean Pirtle