June, 2010

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    Beginners guide to SEO


    image It’s easy to assume that everyone knows the basics of SEO…titles, headings, PageRank, keyword research, etc… I’m guilty of assuming that everyone I speak to (or everyone who reads my blog) knows the fundamentals already – which often results in a confused stare as I throw terms like ‘link juice’, ‘domain authority’ and ‘QDF – Query Deserves Freshness’ in to conversations.

    In an effort to provide a reliable source of the SEO basics, I would like to point you to a recent blog post from SEOMOZ…

    Introducing the beginners guide to SEO v2.0

    Whilst I have only skimmed the post, I have a lot trust in the quality of SEO information coming from SEOMOZ, so would strongly recommend this post for anyone wanting to understand the basics.

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    Web writing guidelines from Yahoo!


    Yahoo have create a set of writing guidelines for the web, which are actually quite useful and quick to read (I guess it would be very ironic if they were not!)…



    Chris Moore is a Program Manager working on Search Engine Optimisation at Microsoft.  Follow him on Twitter

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    Some must know statistics…


    image Everyone lots stats.  Here are a few pulled from John Batelle’s recent @CMSummit Presentation


    • iPhone: Zero to 50 million units in 3 years
    • Android: Zero to 60k units sold PER DAY in 2 years
    • iPad: Zero to 2 million in 60 days

    Location based services…

    • Yelp: 10x growth (U.S. unique users) in past 2 years
    • Foursquare: zero to 2 million in two years


    • 60 million status updates per day
    • 34 million to 450 million in 3.5 years


    • 40 million tweets per day
    • 1 million to 125 million in 3.5 years
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