Sébastien Pêtre

Little tips about Dynamics AX
  • Sébastien Pêtre

    Blocking copy / Ctrl-C on a grid

    I've hear that this request is often asked. So there is a little piece of code to block all copy of data in a grid (for all form) If you want to do this only on one form, you need to overwritte the method taks in the form For my case, you...
  • Sébastien Pêtre

    AX: Listing files in a folder (code example)

    Some time you will maybe need to research some file in the folder. So find here a little piece of code you can make a listing of file in the directory (here, temp folder) static void myFileList(Args _args) { FilePath sFilePath; System.IO.DirectoryInfo...
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