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About the Security Tips and Talk Blog

About the Security Tips and Talk Blog

About the Security Tips & Talk blog


Our blog offers guidance for how to better protect your computer, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device from spyware, pop-ups, and viruses. We'll talk about avoiding identity theft, spam, and phishing attacks. And we'll let you when Microsoft has issued security updates.

Because learning how to use the Web safely has become essential for every age group, we'll also explain what parents can do to help keep their kids safer – from youngsters to college grads.

We'll answer questions we've been asked, provide that latest information about Microsoft's security technologies, and in general, try to help steer you to safer grounds. We look forward to hearing from you about computer and online safety, and will post comments that may be useful to other readers.

This blog is hosted by the Microsoft team that publishes the Safety & Security Center.