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January, 2007

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    Don't let your computer fall behind

    In August of 2005, the United States Congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which makes daylight saving time (DST) start three weeks earlier and end one week later. The law goes into effect this year, which means we will all “spring forward” our clocks...
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    Download the new version of Windows Defender

    So you say that your New Year's resolution is to get rid of spyware and annoying pop-up windows? That's an easy one. Download Windows Defender, the antispyware software from Microsoft. You did that already, but now you're getting a confusing "Windows...
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    Kill pop-up ads

    You're happily surfing the Web when suddenly a barrage of annoying advertisements in tiny windows covers the screen. How annoying. What's so bad about pop-up ads? Advertisements that pop up in small windows on your screen aren’t just annoying: they...
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    Microsoft security expert coming to a radio near you

    Want to know more about staying safe online? Microsoft security expert, Kristin Johnsen will be doing several radio interviews during the week of January 15-19 to offer solutions on the best ways to stay secure online in 2007. Kristin will discuss...
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