Windows Live OneCare Beta 2.0 is here. If you want to test the new version, we'd love your feedback.


New features include support for using more than one computer in your home and sharing a printer.


Plus, you'll get the antivirus protection and other safety and productivity features that are included in the released version of Windows Live OneCare.


You can download Windows Live OneCare Beta 2.0 here:


What is Windows Live OneCare?


Windows Live OneCare is a comprehensive service that helps protect your computer from many different kinds of threats.


It also helps you back up your important documents in case of emergency and runs regular tune-ups to help your computer run smoothly.


Windows Live OneCare works in the background so you don't have to think about it. For more information, read 5 reasons to use Windows Live OneCare to help protect your computer.


Windows Live OneCare is free to try for 90 days.