Features designed to help manage multiple computers are included in the newest version of Windows Live OneCare, which Microsoft released late last year. These features make it easier to manage security on home networks and small business networks.


Windows Live OneCare now supports up to three computers on one subscription.


"The OneCare Circle feature links all of the PCs together using a wireless network that's already in place," says Amy Barzdukas, senior director for Windows Live OneCare.


"Once they are linked, a person can monitor the status of all the computers on their circle through a simple red, yellow, green status indicator on the system tray of the 'hub' computer." The customer can designate which computer is the hub.


Windows Live OneCare, a subscription service, is available at major retail outlets in seventeen countries for $49.95. You can also download a free 90-day trial at the Windows Live OneCare site.


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