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Watch out for new Hotmail account shut-down phishing scam

Watch out for new Hotmail account shut-down phishing scam

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We've recently heard about a new phishing scam that targets Windows Live Hotmail users.  If you see an e-mail message that looks like the one below, do not respond. Delete it or click Junk to mark the sender as unsafe and delete the message.

The most important clue that this is a phishing scam is the request for personal information. The Windows Live team does not request passwords, user names, or other personal information via e-mail.

hotmail phishing 

(click image for larger view)


For more information, see Recognize phishing scams and fraudulent e-mail.


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  • this scam going around heavy now, rec 3 in last week  oct.9, 10

  • this person sent the exact email to me and I fell for it...

  • my account has been violated lm in ghana my uk mobile has been sent a code? lve not recieved it,my ghana mobile is 00233249919938 no matter what hotmail wont put my email back online so l can reply even an alias does,nt work,

  • When doubt Google,that's how got here.

    I'm not as dumb as they are.

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