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Don’t fall for phony phone tech support

Don’t fall for phony phone tech support

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Here's another form of Internet fraud that combines a variety of other common scams-social engineering, fake security software, and phishing.

Cybercriminals have started calling people on the telephone, claiming to be from Microsoft, and offering to help solve their computer problems. Once cybercriminals have gained a victim's trust, they can do one or more of the following:

  • Trick people into installing malicious software on their computer.
  • Take control of a victim's computer remotely and adjust settings in order to leave the computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information so that cybercriminals can bill for the phony services.

Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you with your computer. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up.

If you think you might be a victim of fraud, you can report it. For more information, see What to do if you've responded to a phishing scam.

For more information about how to recognize a phishing scam, see Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently.

  • If you get one of these calls, just tell the caller to hold a moment as I would like to set up to record the conversation for future reference.

    This gets rid of them every time.

  • I just received a call similar to described below from Francis from Windows Service Centre  Caller ID # 15109433040    Said I could call back to 1 321 282 6680 in Florida to check him out.   Hung up.  

  • I received a call from a woman claiming to be with Microsoft telling me my computer was sending malicious content to others and I must go to and follow her instructions. I told her that wasn't a Microsoft address, and they send notices directly to you and she said she was security and the address was for severe security breaches and I must go there immediately and do what she said to remove bugs in my computer generating malware. I told her I googled the address and it was a scam, she denied it and said that Microsoft was going to freeze my computer if I did not comply, so I told her I was contacting authorities and Microsoft. She hung up.

  • I received a call from Anthony saying he was from Windows and that my computer had reported errors and warning (as per the event viewer)and he wanted me to install Teamviewer and a security code.  Telephone to call back because I said I did not have time and had to leave 1-239-244-2287.  

  • Am getting persistent calls from Helptech from Albert and Tom obviously a popular name in India. Told to phone them back on 02032392798. same story as all the above.

  • I just wanted to say that I've been called at least 2 times recently; this last time the guy said, press the "Windows" and "R" key at the same time; I said, OK, but I have to call you back can I do that, and also what's the name of your company, again? He said PC Secure Windows Operating System.  I have been getting a lot of error messages on my computer; I have over 13,000 and now have a message saying I can't receive anymore. My Dell warantee doesn't cover these things; it would cost $129, after he came on board my computer to see that message and said I have a virus. So I tried the one on Microsoft Support System, no virus, no nothing; I have anti-virus, I have protection; so his number is "0203249008" I tried it, didn't work, I live in Canada; if that helps catch these guys, I've done something good today and vented too. Thank you and if you have advice for my computer breakdown, please, help!!:)

  • My wife contacted HTC support who ultimately gave us a contact number for windows support (888-634-4288),  That's the number for ITECHLINE.COM.  They tried to scam her into believing that her computer was hopelessly infected and her files were corrupted and tried to get her to purchase corrective measures for $199.  I got on the line with them to see what they were trying to pull and we both realized that this was a scam  I did get the direct lines for the "tech" suppervisor at 888-866-2025. We didn't fall for this ruse, but my wife did allow them to take copntrol of her computer remotely.  In order to mitigate that, we will restore the computer to an earlier suystem state.


  • I have just had a call from a rather rude and obnoxious (he told me I was always busy and that if I didn't believe him I should go and cook the dinner!) man claiming to be from Microsoft Genius offering technical support for all the 'errors' that my computer has had. Thankfully his rudeness annoyed me so much that in the end I put the phone down. When I checked caller ID, it simply said 'there is a symantic error in this application'>

  • just had 2 calls from some guy named michael. said he was from and said microsoft had reported a problem with my pc.  wanted me to turn it on so he could talk me through a fix. he gave me a uk phone no. 281 317 1272 and told me to call and check him out. i told him i was not that stupid and hung up. be aware folks.

  • Over the p[ast week I have received 4 phone calls from people claiming to be Microsoft Tech Support people...asking me questions about my computer each case I asked for their call back number, the name of the company, where they were phoning from (India, they said); their Email address and why they were phoning me...none was with the last one I just put them on hold and left them there.


    The following article appeared between calls 2 and 3...somebody somewhere ought to go get these people and throw them in a foreign jail for a long time. FWIW.

    Scam messes with computers

    By Contributed - Kelowna Capital News

    Published: July 21, 2011 3:00 AM

    Police are warning of another scam involving people who want nothing more than to mess with your computer and steal your personal and financial information.

    Victims are contacted by a bogus Tech Support person, in some instances claiming to be from Microsoft, who scares them into believing that there is something wrong with their computer and that they need to take control of it and fix the phantom problem.

    Some of the calls are by persons trying to sell an Anti-virus program.

    They may direct victims to a website to provide information and they will ask for Credit Card numbers so they can bill the victims between $100-$300 to fix the supposed problem or purchase the bogus Anti-virus program.

    Once control is in their hands, the fake tech may try to extract information and/or plant clandestine programs that will collect information and send it to them.

    Besides spewing out fake credentials, the fraudsters will provide fake call back numbers and will lie in order to make the ruse more convincing.

    Do not let a stranger, who calls you out of the blue and tells you they are a tech support person, take control of your computer.

    These scammers cannot possibly know that there is something wrong with your computer unless they take control of it.

    When they tell you that you have a problem, the problem is them, so respond no thanks and hang up.

  • just had a call to say my software is infected and they need to talk me through it to solve this problem ,sounds like he is in india ,i told him no ,just doesnt sound right

  • have just had a call from 02081440203 UK company claiming to be Microsoft  saying I have ignored the virus warnings they have sent to my computer management program ... total hogs wash just a scam to get a support package from a supposed accredited company

    dont fall for it

  • I was just called by the following number wanting to know if I have virus protection because Microsoft just got an alert that I had a virus. It had scam written all over it and I told the person on the phone that I was going to report him.  (no name given) 1 804.466.9633

  • I was phoned by a man claiming to be from Microsoft technical services. He said that malware on my computer was affecting Microsoft because of error messages my machine was generating.  He said his name was Khalil Chauhan(?), that he could be checked on Tel.: 0844 27 20 796 and that his MCB No. was 629 02 68.  I told him I would contact Microsoft to check if he was a genuine Microsoft representative.  

    When contacted, Microsoft (on 0844 800 2400) told me that they never contact customers by telephone.

    So when he rang back later, I told him this.  He was annoyed I hadn't checked using the first number above and insisted that Microsoft technical department was separate and in India.

    In view of what I've just read on your website (that you sometimes contact people re malware), I wonder if I have cut off a genuine Microsoft employee or was this phishing?

  • ive gotten multiple calls from these people today the # was (512) 451-1556 saying that my pc is sending them error reports and that is infected. when i told the caller i was a tech and know my pc and that it is not sending error reports he got confused and impatient when i asked for a supervisor and told him to stop calling he demanded proof that they were calling frequently and hung up when i said i was a tech. when i searched the phone # i see complaints about the same thing and that payday loan scam is also being done from it

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