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Watch our new rogue security software videos

Watch our new rogue security software videos

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If you’ve ever seen suspicious pop-up ads with urgent warnings to download security software, you’re not alone. According to the most recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, fake security software (also known as rogue security software) is the most prevalent trend in malicious software today.


To learn more about rogue security software and to help protect yourself against it, watch these three short videos created by the Microsoft Malware Protection Center. Feel free to share them with your friends and family.



·         What is rogue software?

·         How to check for rogue software

·         How to defend your computer against rogue software


  • Malwarebytes' Antimalware is also a goo tool for <a href="">removing rouge security software</a>. If you are getting lots of annoying notifications on your desktop, do a full system scan with it.

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