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Hotmail hacked? Take these steps

Hotmail hacked? Take these steps

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We received this question in response to our post about Microsoft's new Internet Fraud Alert.

I am a victim of an online ID theft fraud (my Hotmail account has been hacked). What can I do? What agency can I report this crime to for further investigation?

If you believe that your Hotmail mail account has been compromised, but you still have access to your account, you should:

  • Change your password. (On the Windows Live Hotmail Web site sign-in page, clickForgot your password?)
  • Update and change the secret question and answer used to recover your password.
  • Update and change the alternative email address that you use on your account.

For more information, see Account Compromise: Unauthorized Account Access.

If you no longer have access to your account to change your password or update your account, you can get help from a support agent. You will need to supply a current email address and be able to answer questions about information that you have already provided when you signed up for your account. For more information, see Account Password Recovery.

Note: The agent will only help you if you've already tried the methods described above.

If you think that personal information from your Hotmail account has been used to commit ID theft, you can contact the following authorities:

  • Your credit card company, if you have given your credit card information. The sooner an organization knows your account may have been compromised, the easier it will be for them to help protect you.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (In the United States). Report the circumstances to the FTC: National Resource for Identity Theft.
  • The Anti-Phishing Working Group at


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