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Avoid scams through your phone

Avoid scams through your phone

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We recently received this email message from a reader:

"I got a call from someone who said that he was from 'Windows Technical Department Support Group.' He said he was calling to fix my security system. He wanted me to log onto a website so he could walk me through a process that would give him access to my computer so he could 'get rid of a virus and fix it.' When I started asking where he was and what he intended to do, he hung up on me."

This is a scam. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up.

Cybercriminals have been calling people on the telephone, claiming to be from Windows or from Microsoft, and offering to help solve their computer problems. Once cybercriminals have gained your trust, they can:

  • Trick you into installing malicious software on your computer.
  • Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings in order to leave the computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information so that they can bill you for the phony services.

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  • Hello, yesterday I received a call from a person called Mark claiming to be the service provider for windows and he said that my computer was infected and he wanted me to download a programme that would help.I was suspicious so he asked me to run 'eventvwr , application & svs and then system' and showed me a lot of error and warning notices which indicate that malicious programmes have infected my compute.He gave me a number to phone back and it is constantly unavailable. Microsoft have informed me that it is a scam.

  • I got this phone call today.  He told me he was from Microsoft and tried to get me to download at  He said my computer was sending them virus messages and it was about to crash.  Thankfully, I know better than that, but I do worry about less computer savvy people that get tricked by these tools.

  • I have presumably just fallen for one of these phone scams by someone supposedly from 'windows' and have connected remotely through a company called and teamviewer. How do I know if this is a scam and what damage can be done. I don't know what to do!!!

  • I have just received this phone call and I did go to my computer and was about to start typing in 'eventvwr' but decided against it and asked him to phone back later as I was going out.  HOpefully there is no damage done to my computer.

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