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Get your security updates for February

Get your security updates for February

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Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month. Today Microsoft released of 12 security updates.

  • 8 updates for Microsoft Windows
  • 1 update for Microsoft Office
  • 1 update for Windows Server
  • 1 update for Internet Explorer
  • 1 update for Internet Information Services (IIS) FTP Service

Get the updates.

Watch our monthly security updates video hosted by Jerry Bryant and Jonathan Ness.


  • RE: update MS11-003 (Cumulative Update for IE)

    Microsoft "recommends" that users who had applied FixIt #50591 should UNdo that FixIt, by running #50592, before installing MS11-003.

    For people who didn't do so --- either because they didn't realize it (at all, or in time), or because they were set for AUTOMATIC updates --- and now find they have MS11-003 installed withOUT having UNdone the FixIt --- HOW should they proceed at this point??

    1) do nothing now --- it's too late to go back, and it's safe as-is.

    2) run 50592 now (even after installing MS11-003) [and stop there].

    3) run 50592 now, and then RE-download/RE-install MS11-003

    4) remove the MS11-003 update (System Restore??), run 50592, and then  RE-download/RE-install MS11-003

    5) something else completely.

    I am aiming for definitive answers (citing authoritative sources) rather than mere "speculation", if at all possible

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