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Are security updates free?

Are security updates free?

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We recently received an email from a reader asking us if the security updates that we're always encouraging you to download and install are free.

Yes. Security updates from Microsoft are always free.

Security updates for Windows help protect against new and ongoing threats to your computer and your personal information. The best way to get security updates is to turn on Windows automatic updating, which is also free. If you don't want to use automatic updating, you should check for new updates about once a week.

For more information, see Understanding Windows automatic updating.

More free stuff

Regular updates are a great way to help secure your computer, but you also need protection from malicious software. To help safeguard against malicious software, download Microsoft Security Essentials, which is also free.

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  • My computer went crazy this afternoon, requesting me to download and install an "unliscenced" version of windows 2011 security. This is a scam of some sort, because now my other computer will not do any thing but try to load that program. No internet access or anything. Could not do a restore either. My daughter was on facebook and deviantart at the same time, but I think it came in a security update that has failed repeatedly on my other computers, and it rechecks its self when I uncheck it for select updates. Any clues?

  • Why did you recently  eliminate the registry cleaner from the free security scan?  I have Windows XP 32 bit version.

  • I was forced to purchase MS security software. I could not download another security purchase before I paid for the MS download. $80...

    I have not heard from MS since although after my intial complaint email, I was to hear from them within 24 hours. Not Happy.

  • I want to have MICROSOFT SAFETY & SECURITY CENTER. Please send  the security newsletter. I am not very proficient when it comes to using the computer and I have a lot of trouble understanding these things.

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