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Local news says, “Those calls are not coming from Microsoft”

Local news says, “Those calls are not coming from Microsoft”

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Senior attorney for Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), Richard Boscovich, appeared on Seattle’s NBC news last week to confirm that Microsoft will not cold call you to fix your computer.

If you’ve received a call from someone who claims to be from Microsoft and wants to fix your computer, hang up. You can also report these calls to the Federal Trade Commission.

To watch the video from, see Unsolicited tech support calls fake, says Microsoft.

For more information, read Don’t fall for phony phone tech support.


  •  These people phoned me yesterday June 13 2011. The hacked into my computer and told me I needed to pay them 299.00 to fixed it. If I didn't pay I would never be able to use a computer again....even if I purchased a new one. He said I had many errors on my computer although I've never reported any errors.

  • I too have had these Indian chappies phone me several times, even though i tell them i have no computer, I find it unbelievable that today after many years of warnings of scams people still fall for them, I have reported them but still they call.

  • These people are active in Australia too using local phone numbers. I had a call a month ago which was initially quite convincing; these guys know their patter. Fortunately I got a chance to google the website name that they were trying to get me onto and it screamed 'scam'. Had another call a couple of days ago - 8pm on a public holiday, would you believe - and gave them an ear full.

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