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Watch out for fake security software

Watch out for fake security software

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One of the most common ways for cybercriminals to steal money from people is through the use of fake security software, according to the most recent Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

This kind of software is also known as “scareware” or “rogue security software.” Cybercriminals use it to scare people into downloading more malicious software onto their computer or pay for a fake product. For more information, see Watch out for fake virus alerts.

Here are examples of the graphics used by cybercriminals trick you into downloading their security software.

The Security Intelligence Report features a video that explains how one popular piece of fake software works and how you can get rid of it. To watch the video, go to How Win32/FakePAV Steals Credit Card Information and How to Remove the Trojan.

To read the full report on Rogue Security Software, see the Malware and Potentially Unwanted Software section of the latest Security Intelligence Report. You can also download the entire report.


  • hAVE SOME scam on my computer that wont let me get to windows defender or any websites including email. Persistent. Help!!! Cannot get to Security Updates/

  • Thanks to Microsoft Security Essentials,my computer is fast again after downloading it and running full scan.Thank you microsoft.

    But I also have some ParetoLogic FileCure stuff that installed itself to my labtop and i have deleted it to no avail.From time to time it pops up and ask to "FileCure".Could you verify if this is a true software or robbery? Thank you.

  • Yesterday I installed some ftware that took all my access frommy computer. Later I found that my friend was hacking my computer.


    So funny. I was laughing very much when I came toknw this.


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