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Report the Microsoft phone scam

Report the Microsoft phone scam

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An anonymous blog reader writes:

“Someone keeps calling me every other week claiming to be from Microsoft tech support. They even gave me a number to call back. Can't we report them?”

Yes. Learn about how to report phone fraud in the United States. Outside of the US, contact your local authorities.

Microsoft is aware of this scam and is investigating it. For more information, see Avoid tech support phone scams.

  • I have the phone number out of California that called saying they were from Microsoft.  They called themselves Interserver Management Services, phone number 1-760-705-8888.  They told me I had to change my e-mail address, to prevent someone stealing my banking information, etc and a bunch of other stuff.  I told them to call back today because I didn't know anything about the computer.

  • I eceived the now infamous call from MS Technical today (20 July 2011). It contained the usual warning about my PC crashing if I switched it on. I had read the MS security News Letter so I knew what i was dealing with. I had not the time to try to find out more so I asked him to call back tomorrow. I don't suppose he will.

  • I just received a call telling me that they received notifications from Microsoft that my computer had viruses.  The # that the call was from was:  1404-410-2396.  The person had a very big accent!!!  Be leary!!!  DO NOT DO ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU TO DO!!!

  • And again ....I was also suckered into this scam 20.7.11. They looked into my computer & then i panicked & n plugged from internet but only after several minutes of them interfering!  Didn't give financial info but said computer gone to be fixed, hopefully!. Is my personal/banking information safe?  Can they get info from email account?  Got phone no, it worked hey and they rang me again earlier.  

  • I got a call from a man saying he was working for Micosoft and that there is a problem with my computer. He told me where to check my files for warnings and programs that were infected. He then tried to sell me a $300.00 security package for repairs to my computer. The biggest problem was that he actually knew my computer and a lot of my information. I told him to take a hike and now I am telling you because he SAYS he represents your company.

  • It's pretty sad that all of this is going on and your company can't seem to do anything about it. I am in Canada and get these calls all of the time and they seem to have a lot of information. After reading all of the comments it appears to be the same proplr. Protect your reputation people.

  • I just received one of these calls too.

    The number that displayed was (253) 802 0308, not sure if that helps, but thought I would share.


  • This was not a phone scam but came through as an email:

    This message is from Microsoft Award Promotion UK Your Email Address Have Won(£5.5 Million Pounds)REF NO: Reg. No. M C I M J: 36925/0751 you have to contact our claims agent office

    Mr. Richard Louis

  • I have had a phone call today from some one saying that my computer is full of malware etc. I was told my licence was not activated and that any computer I ever have will be contaminated. I kept saying that I would not pay any money and was told I would not need to but it turned out the wanted 103 euro a year from me, but I got very upset and put the phone down. The problem is they were into my computer, what can I do??

  • I received two calls from a foreign speaking person claiming that my Computer had a virus and that she was from Microsoft Windows support. I told her I had no time now and give me their phone number and she did. It was a 302 area code and when I called back just to see how they answered, she said hello not the name of a company and I heard someone tell her to say she was Microsoft Support. I believe it is a scam and would not give her any information.

  • Call from 253-802-0308 at 3:41 pm today- husband was half asleep and I was out- Guy calling from "Microsoft" claiming to be calling to fix our computer.  Husband was told to hit start then R and enter, in his confusion he typed in and got directed to a blank was cut off- Thank God! Be Aware!  

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