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End of support for Office XP and Windows Vista Service Pack 1

End of support for Office XP and Windows Vista Service Pack 1

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If you use Office XP or Windows Vista Service Pack 1, upgrade now to help keep your computer safe.

On July 12, 2011 both Office XP and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 reached the end of the Extended Support phase of their lifecycles. This means Microsoft Update and automatic updating will not offer security updates for these versions any longer.

If you use Office XP, upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to Windows 7, but you can use Windows Update to get Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) automatically.

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  • I use XP, what must I do to keep on getting updates?  

  • You charge and arm and a leg for your programs then stop supporting them so you can charge the other arm and leg to update. I feel like a quadropalagic.

  • How do I tell what I currently have on my Vista system PC? Is there a link somewhere that can anlyze it to find out?

  • I have three computers, all of which have Windows XP on them.  I have been checking the price to update my computer software and it is cost prohibitive for me.  It seems to me like if you are going to sell a product and then abandon the users, you should offer the updates at a reasonable price.  I looked at Staples and the update for three computers was about $150.00!  Thanks for showing appreciation for my Microsoft loyalty . . perhaps there is another software company out there who wants my business!!!!!

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