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Security updates for September 2011

Security updates for September 2011

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Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month. Today Microsoft released 5 security updates.

  • 2 updates for Microsoft Windows
  • 1 update for Microsoft Office
  • 1 update for Microsoft Excel
  • 1 update for Microsoft SharePoint

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  • Today's download for does not contain September security patches.  Internally is looks like it was last updated 8/23/2011.

    We run MBSA client scanner in offline mode to determine each PCs need for security patches.  I need the updated  Where can I get it ?  It has always been updated by Microsoft Security Tuesday date in the past.

  • As a customer already paying for Internet services on a fixed college student budget, college education relying on computers at home is just too exspensive & FRUSTRATING when especially dealing with all these viruses!..than the system offers FREE?! downloads that our college campus IT warns students about..!

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