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Recover your Hotmail account

Recover your Hotmail account

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We recently received this email:

“My Hotmail account was hacked and taken over by the classic ‘I'm in London and I’ve been mugged’ scam. It appears that the hacker has changed the basic verification information on the account and every attempt to reset the password throws me into an endless loop.

How to get my account back?”

It sounds like the author of this email has already tried to reset the password on the account manually. If you’re locked out of your account, the first thing you should always do is attempt to reset your password. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • On the Windows Live Hotmail website sign-in page, click Forgot your password?
  • Go to the reset your password link.

First, enter your Windows ID. Then, in the Windows Live ID text box, enter the characters you see in the picture, to prove that you’re not a machine.

Next, you’ll see a screen that offers you options to recover your password using an alternate email address or a mobile phone. If you haven’t associated your account with these alternatives, choose customer support.

  • i cant access my email account or change my password it goes to another language.

  • I am trying to get my old email account back but I can't even put my old email address in the box that it asks me to.I click on the box but can't get it to flash or post my address in it.

  • I have an old, non-existent email address listed under the "reset" feature and it will not let me update to my new email address! Anyone have any ideas how to get my new address listed? (in order to change it wants to send the "update" to the old email address.)

  • like google why not devise specific login be given ? Ie 2 way security.

  • Doesn't help much when it's Hotmail itself that closes your account then won't talk to you about reopening it again.

  • How do you let microsoft know that your account has been compromised... This person went into my email account, and then was blod enough to show me the emails on their pc... I know that this person did it because their email address shows up on mine and I did not give them my password. I have been looking every where and could not get in contact with microsoft.. They said there was nothing tha they could do about this, but I still would like to make a report because there are laws out ther that will not put up with this...

  • I just received that same scam today.  They say this is the last request for my information and they will suspend or delete my account.  I don't think they've gotten into my account yet.  Is there a way to tell, or will I just not be able to log in anymore?

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