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Is your browser keeping you safer online?

Is your browser keeping you safer online?

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Research in the newly released Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 11 reveals how social engineering techniques contribute to the spread of computer infections. Attacks that require user-interaction (social engineering) to spread accounted for 45% of the attacks analyzed in the report.    In addition, old or out-of-date browsers are easier targets for attacks than browsers that are current.

According to data from Net Applications, 25% of all browsers are not up to date. This means approximately 340 million computers worldwide might be at increased risk of infection as a result of malware spread via social engineering techniques.    

Today Microsoft launched the website,, to show how updated browsers can help to keep you safer online and why a browser is the first line of defense against infection.

  • So far I think it is great @ 4/4 on browser protection.  Thanks

  • very useful info. many thanks to windows

  • Can't wait to get the licence for Windows 7 so I can use IE9. :)

  • I Don't know why I have to say it?Everyone in the world knows Microsoft is the best any and every thing they do!!

  • Thanks for windows

  • That"s why Windows is Windows!...Thanks a lot!

  • excellent learning material about protection

  • Excellent learning material about protection from microsoft.

  • Thank you so much for this very important information.  I am using Windows 7

  • tested two browsers, "we can't give you a score", we don't have any data for your browser

    so it doesn't actually test your browser, just looks it up in a table. it relies on tests done by others, and doesn't dynamically update as things change

  • Apparently, it only checks Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

    Other browsers need not apply :-(

  • It is absolutely wonderful that Microsoft has finally taken the responsibility to keep us safe from malicious people. We have been waiting for this for a long time. Thank you MS!

  • Thank you for this information.  It is comforting to know that you can help with the problems.  

  • I frequently get the message "not responding" and my computer locks up.

  • I have tried to download helps for trouble shooting but they don't download.

    I appreciate MSN.  I have Security_Essestials for virus protection.

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