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Is your browser keeping you safer online?

Is your browser keeping you safer online?

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Research in the newly released Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 11 reveals how social engineering techniques contribute to the spread of computer infections. Attacks that require user-interaction (social engineering) to spread accounted for 45% of the attacks analyzed in the report.    In addition, old or out-of-date browsers are easier targets for attacks than browsers that are current.

According to data from Net Applications, 25% of all browsers are not up to date. This means approximately 340 million computers worldwide might be at increased risk of infection as a result of malware spread via social engineering techniques.    

Today Microsoft launched the website,, to show how updated browsers can help to keep you safer online and why a browser is the first line of defense against infection.

  • You guys sound like you work for Microsoft.

    "Can't wait to get the licence for Windows 7 so I can use IE9. :)"

    "Thanks for windows"

    LOL, really?

    Except Andrew, he's not being paid for his opinion

  • Thanks for this utility and the security alert emails.

    Marvin Mulligan

  • Wow!  Thank you!  Both of my browsers received a 4/4: Chromium 16 and IE9!  Keep up the great work!  

  • What is 4 out of 4?  I can't find the meaning.  I click on it and it just goes to same black block?

  • I guess I was taken in by this promo. I have been using Firefox as my default but it didn't score well so switched back to IE. Now I remember why I left IE in the first place. I'd rather have a browser that works consistently then one that has a mysterious score. Bye bye IE. If MS fixes its product I'll try again.

  • 4/4... great..  thanx microsoft windows

  • It never occurred to me that the browser could have such an impact on security.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • thanks ,very usefull info

  • Have to agree with Brad, do most of you work for MS? :)

    Mind you, I do like MS and I am happy with my Win XP SP3 OS and the integrated nature of the Office tools.

    But, I find the scoring provided for this page very geared toward giving Internet Explorer (IE) as many points as possible.

    For instance, sand boxing the browser in a proper way like chrome does surely should be given a higher points value instead of some minor fraction of 1 point.

    Also, NoScript is not supported on IE to block JavaScript, Java, etc by default.  To make matters worse, IE has ActiveX scripting.  So, not only does it leave the front door open, it leaves the back door open too.

    And yes, IE 9 is a leap ahead of IE 8 for several reasons including performance and some interesting new security features.

    Unfortunately MS has chosen to leave out half of the user base which are still on XP SP3.  So, just one more reason I will to continue using Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

    BTW, XP SP3 uses much less memory than Win 7 and performance benchmarks shows it runs just as fast.  If using XP as a non-admin user, the OS is solid.

  • Thanks for the 4/4 rating. When should I upgrade to 9?

  • 4 out of 4 appears to be good, but when I click "What does this mean?" -- nothing happens

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