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Beware of “confirm your account” scams

Beware of “confirm your account” scams

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Last week a member of our team shared a phishing scam that she’d received in her personal email account. The bogus email claims to come from Microsoft and asks the recipient to respond to the email with their user name and password to avoid permanent cancellation of their account.

This is a scam. Microsoft never asks for user names and passwords in an email. For more information, see How to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls.

Here’s what the scam looked like, so you can avoid it. If you think your Hotmail or Windows Live Mail account has already been hacked, you can take steps to recover it.

  • I am a victim of email phishing, spam, and my passwords and emails have been stolen. I am a victim of fraud due to the stolen email and passwords.

  • I received the same email and unfortunately did as they asked.  Now all my contacts have received emails asking for money from me.  I cant access my email acct to change my passwords.

  • I received this email also.  I didn't believe it, although I checked all the headers it did, indeed, look like it came from Microsoft.  If you look at the sender (in my case, you will notice they misspelled update.  I'm submitting my email to

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