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Home computer security: do you measure up?

Home computer security: do you measure up?

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Last month we released new research showing that, while most people do take some steps to protect themselves online, there are opportunities to do more.

The Microsoft Computing Safety Index (MCSI) is a scoring system of more than 20 steps you can take to help protect yourself online.

Many of you probably already do the basics, such as turning on and leaving on your firewall, using antivirus software, and keeping your operating system and other software updated. But, do you regularly use search engines to monitor the information that’s available about you online? Do you use passwords that incorporate letters numbers and symbols?

Find out how you measure up, by taking the survey.

  • I don't see how using passwords which incorporate numbers and symbols make one more secure.  What would make a password more secure is to change it to a passphrase. Putting a space between two easy to remember words will be way more secure than any ammount of obscuring a single word with more numbers and symbols.

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