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Enhanced security in Internet Explorer 10

Enhanced security in Internet Explorer 10

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If you’re the type that likes to look under the hood of your web browser, you can download the consumer preview for Windows 8, which includes the preview version of Internet Explorer 10.

Internet Explorer 10 includes an enhanced version of Protected Mode. Protected Mode is a feature of Internet Explorer that essentially blocks off parts of your computer to limit access in case you’re attacked by a virus or cybercriminal. Protected Mode has been around since 2006, but we’re always improving it.

Read about Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer 10.

Be warned that the preview version of Internet Explorer 10 is not for average computer users. If you think you might not be ready to test drive Internet Explorer 10, download Internet Explorer 9.

Review the security features in Internet Explorer 9.

  • internet explorer doesn't work for me 7 thru 9...I set the security wrong for playing facebook/zynga games...and would like to delete all but one ie as I am showing 4 at present and that can't be good!! right?

  • At some point I hope IE 10 will be available to Windows 7 users. Otherwise I guess I will not be using it.

  • Why did I have to remove Microsoft Security Essentials in order to down load Windows 8 Preview?

  • why can't we testdrive it for our w7?

  • Since ie9 is Not compatible with XP is the latest addition ie10 compatible?  

  • I have tried to install the consumer preview for windows 8 and everytime it fails.  I even tried to redownload a new copy of it and it stilled failed.  I have an HP Pavillion dv7-6861nr laptop.  I would love to check out Windows 8.

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