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Should I upgrade my web browser?

Should I upgrade my web browser?

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A reader asks:

“When should I upgrade my web browser?”

If you browse the web with Internet Explorer, you should be using the most current version, which is Internet Explorer 9. It’s free and easy to upgrade. We suggest that you do it now.

Download Internet Explorer 9.

Internet Explorer 9 includes Tracking Protection, SmartScreen Filter with Application Reputation, and other features that help protect against viruses, fraud, and privacy thieves.

According to software maker Net Applications, Internet Explorer’s popularity has been increasing, while other browsers popularity decreases.

Learn more about the security improvements in Internet Explorer 9.

Note: If you’re a real geek and you like providing feedback on new products, you can download the consumer preview for Windows 8, which includes the preview version of Internet Explorer 10.

  • I was told to keep iexp.I had earlier for my computer.

  • Iwas hacked into, spent hours Tuesday and am still having problems, I talked to Alex Smith in Utah.  Please help  

  • How do you know if you are running the latest version of Explorer 9?

  • IE9 is a step in the right direction. But compatibility mode has to go. Its ridiculous that sites still don't support IE9. Do we really have to cater to these backwards modes? Its my biggest issue with IE. Many times I just give up and use another browser.

  • My understanding is that IE9 is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows XP

  • I lost my sound on my computer and I can't get any sound at all. I was told that I need a driver sound device. Is that right and how do I get it without having to pay for it. Please help me.

  • I upgraded to IE9 and afterwards my browser takes forever to load and runs extremely slow during use. It became so unbearable that I have opted to use Google Chrome as my primary internet browser. In IE9 I do not have many plug-in's running nor anything that would cause it to that on my end (that I know of) except that knowing IE8 worked extremely well and super fast. Can you help me? Anyway?

  • I downloaded ie9 and my adobe reader wouldn't work and i had to download google chrome to get facebook to work.

  • The majority of the Windows world is still on XP.  Will Explorer 9 work with XP?  Such a basic question that this article completely ignores.

  • I have the same question as Alan:  How do I know if I am running the lastest version of Internet Explorer?

  • Is IE 9 downloadable to Windows XP ??

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